Rare Selena Coca-cola promo(Pics)

Thanks to loveselena member on Selena univision forum.


21 thoughts on “Rare Selena Coca-cola promo(Pics)

  1. I have recently found a cardboard standup of Emilio and one of Selena from the Get Totally Tejano promotion. I have no idea what they are worth but I am thinking of putting them on ebay. Any suggestions?

    1. These are iconic, and I remember these cardboard advertisements. But I forgot what beverage was being promoted, was it Budweiser?

    2. did you ever put this on ebay? I have the other one, I have been looking hard for the other stand-up to go with it. Thank you

  2. Hello,
    I’m a HUGE Selena fan and very close to the family. I have been trying to find the two Cardboard Stand ups of Selena. If anyone knows someone selling or would like to trade for rare items please email me. Thanks-A

  3. I have Cardboard stand ups of both Selena and Emilio.
    I’m guessing that they are life sized stand ups, I’m guessing because I haven’t taken them out of the box.
    I purchased the stand ups in 1993 and recently opened the box.
    Have checked numerous websites and haven’t found a posting listing them.
    There is an Selana Emilio ad, Several Selena Posters, but I have not found these items.
    They were created for in store display. Anyone know where I might find information about theses items.

    Siempre Tejano, Siempre Coca Cola

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