Performances quickly became‘s Top 100 in Movies and TV for three consecutive months, starting in October of 2010. In mid-December 2010, EMI Records announced that due to the rising sales of Performances, that another DVD which features more unreleased footages of Selena will be released on January 25, 2011 under the title Live Performances.

I will update you when I find out more. Like what is going to be on it. You can pre-Order it now at you find out anything before I do please contact me and share the information. Thank you.


One thought on “NEW SELENA DVD COMING IN 2011

  1. I love Selena, the performaces DVD was very nice to see. I just with they would have edited it better. The cuts are so choppy and look like they were pieced together sloppy. I want another Live CD. PLEASE!!!! We want “Everybody, Everybody”, “Sensitivity”, “Mentirosa”, “Juana La Cubana”, and “Girlfriend.” All these songs Selena sang live in concert. Also there are 9 demos from her English language album that have not yet surfaced.

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