Selena live Performances DVD update tracklist

1991, 1993 and 1994 Live Performances on the Johnny Canales Show.
5.1 & DTS Surround Sound.
This rare footage has never been previously released.
Includes 9 top charting hits.
Johnny Canales shares his favorite Selena interviews and memories.

1. Intro
2. Costumbres
3. Band Relationship
4. Que
5. Loss Of Selena
6. Ya Ves
7. Opening Doors
8. Yo Te Amo
9. Ven Conmigo
10. Favorite Song
11. Baila Esta Cumbia
12. Selena Interview 1
13. Yo Me Voy
14. Memorable Show
15. No Debes Jugar
16. Selena Interview 2
17. La Llamada
18. Selena Interview 3
19. Why People Love Selena

I will update you if I find out anything else that is new.


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