AB Quintanilla to feature rare recordings of Selena on new CD.

Abraham Quintanilla III, better known as AB Quintanilla said in a press conference yesterday that among the memories of his sister Selena, the singer died in 1995, are unpublished discs will be reconstructed to form part of their new material.

“The goal is to keep the talent of my sister through this remix that she sang a capella, and add the cumbia to ring throughout Latin America,” said the Texan songwriter while displaying the image of singer grupera in the back of his jacket.

The singer of songs like Liar and I die for you highlighted the important role played by his family throughout his career, which went through several stages.

HOMENAJE. TRIBUTE. The concert tour that brings the country will focus on their hard life of a genius, inspired by the dream of his father: “That Quintanilla continue in music.”

The album has the participation of several artists who give life to the rhythms that lead the rankings in various stations which broadcast mainly tropical rhythms.

“Three years ago, when I had some differences with the label I work with and decided to quit music, then my father decided to support me not to drop his arms,” ​​said AB Quintanilla.

The preparation of a genius’s life was based on rhythms that are fashionable in this part of South America, why thanked “the Bolivian people, because this is one of the first countries where my hits are topping the lists.”

OBEDIENCIA. OBEDIENCE. Asked his opinion on Children’s Day, the icon of the cumbia said that “adults should be an example to children, they should follow the example of Jesus Christ, embodied in the Bible, and must obey their parents because they are the geniuses who instill dreams. ”

His concert, scheduled for Friday April 15, from 20.00 in the Open Air Theatre, remember the group Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz, as well as revive the talented Selena.

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