Señorita Cinema Film Festival Announces All-Latina Lineup (Selena mentioned)

A socioeconomic dissection of Houston’s overlapping African-American and Hispanic/Latino communities, an experimental film about a pronoun-cake monster and a love story exclusively en español. Not your typical presentation of films, right?

Yes, right, especially when talking about Stephanie Saint Sanchez’s brainchild that is the Señorita Cinema Film Festival. Entering its third year, Sanchez’s La Chicana Laundry Pictures is posting up alongside Aurora Picture Show in presenting the fest that’s scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 27. The scene will be Talento Bilingüe de Houston, located at 333 South Jensen.

Sanchez, an accomplished maker of short films who is currently tackling a feature effort about Anna Nicole Smith, founded Texas’s only all-Latina cinematic shindig in order to showcase Latina filmmakers. Handpicked by a host of jurors, this year’s program features close to ten films, which you can read about below, courtesy of an Aurora Picture Show press release. (For more information, check out the Aurora Picture Show website.)

The Moon Song of Assassination by Dolissa Medina
A film”docu-legend” about the life and death of the Tejano music singer Selena Quintanilla which combines appropriated news accounts, performance footage and 1960s NASA imagery to tell the story of Selena’s ascension into America’s pantheon of martyred cultural figures — a moment when “The Big Bang began not with a bang and not with a boom but with the biddi biddi bom bom of Yolanda’s gun.”



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