New Selena stuff in the process of being released

On yesterdays live chat with Suzette Quintanilla, she announced that the Selena Visa pre-paid debit Card will be released in Mid-November of this year. It will be made available online and then it will be available in stores later on. She hopes it goes to local places for everyone. Suzette said Q-Productions will put the info on there site soon.

Suzette also shares her favorite Selena outfit and her favorite concert experience with Los Dinos. She shared some of her precious memory’s of her time with Selena. Also that she dreams about Selena all the time and that she feels Selena’s presents around her. Suzette talked about songs Selena did and did not perform live. She only performed “My Love” from the “Dreaming of you album”.

Plus new upcoming Selena Cd’s and DVD’s. She did not give specifics because she does not know and is not supposed to say. But she said EMI will be releasing Selena material that will “blow everyone away” in 2012! Also the Corpus Christi concert dvd is ready to coming out but they are going through some legal issues right now. She said you will love the dvd when it comes out.

I can not remember everything Suzette said in the 45 min video chat.

Listen to a small clip of the chat. Sorry it is just audio.


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