‘Enamorada De Ti’ press release

ENAMORADA DE TI, the new album from music legend Selena, is on sale today in three different formats. In addition to the standard edition available at all stores, Wal Mart offers three never before released acoustic tracks and on the iTunes version is a remix of “Is It The Beat” from Juan Magan as a bonus track.

In celebration of the release of the album, VEVO will feature a special playlist during the month of April, dedicated to Selena, where fans can watch her classic videos.

Music Choice commemorates the life and legacy of the artist this month by featuring popular Selena music videos, live concert footage and behind the scenes extras in a special category entitled Selena Legacy under “Featured Artists” On Demand. Additionally, MC Music Channels will play several new songs from ENAMORADA DE TI as well as her classics on its Tropicales, Pop Latino, Romances, Mexicana and Tejano Music Channels.

Sirius XM Radio celebrates Selena with a special tribute going on now on Latidos channel 520.  The two-day tribute hosted by the singer’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla III, features Selena’s music, the debut of “Enamorada De Ti,” and special guests sharing what her music means to them.

Selena is currently featured as MTV Tr3s’ artist of the week including the airing of her top videos and segments of the show Lo Que Te Pica, a rare interview given by her mother and siblings.

In addition to the three editions of the album, fans are be able to obtain a never released acoustic version of “Amor Prohibido” as a ringtune through Verizon wireless.

Info from Selena’s official website.



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