4 thoughts on “Caller Times – Selena’s economic impact

  1. I’m just in love with Selena her music she has a sweet voice the music just gets to me touches my heart and mind p.s she will always be the queen in my heart

    1. Gerry, this are my same sentiments as well and because of this the City of Corpus Christi ought do more to help prepetuate her (Selena’s) memory, even more with her past good works within the CC communities there.

      One positive way the City can accomplished this is by channeling more of Selena’s (tourism revenues) which she generates either semi-annually, or annually towards replacing the Selena’s memorial (statute) with a bigger and better one for her true fans to enjoy.

      In addition, the City of Corpus Christi can sponsor (more) full academic scholarships for under-priviledge students through the already established Selena Foundation (working with the Quintanilla family) and with the NAACP brach down there. As I stated in my video with the Caller Times…I don’t have those figures on how much she has generated over the years, but I bet through years it’s been a substantial amount of revenue the City of Corpus Christi has taken in just on her alone. After all hasn’t help put Corpus Christi on the Map down there? Just look at Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis,TN and the revenue he still generates for the City of Memphis in comparasion to Selena in Corpus Christi and what she has been generating for the city. All I saying is Selena needs to be recognize, and honored more by the City’s Administration, the Mayor’s office, the Office of Tourism and Finance and others local government agency’s that have and continue to benefited from her music and celebrity status.

    1. Selena, deserve better recognition for what she has and continues to contributed to the City of Corpus Christi, TX and that is a bigger share of the tourism revenue that’s taken in by the City every year! Does she deserve by now to be treated with respect for helping to put Corpus Christi, TX on the Map. Te Amo elisa!

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