‘Selena The One’ Indiegogo campaign

Here is more information about Selena The One Indiegogo campaign.

Acrovirt, LLC is creating Selena The One digital acrovirt, as  a walking, talking, singing, and dancing, digital embodiment of iconic singer, Selena Quintanilla. This technology is an advanced technology and is not a hologram or holograph. This revolutionary technology constructs Selena’s digital acrovirt (acro-Beginning, virt-Virtual, a new virtual beginning), Selena’s body,voice and her mind.

Acrovirt, LLC is working with Selena’s immediate family and cutting-edge scientists for the creation of Selena’s digital acrovirt. Acrovirt, LLC has a master research and development agreement with the University of California, San Diego to develop virtualization and interactive technologies for educational, therapeutic and entertainment purposes. Selena The One will release new songs previously sung by Selena, a new song not previously sung by Selena and corresponding new music videos, a documentary will be produced on the making of Selena’s digital acrovirt , She will collaborate with current hit artists and aims to go on tour in 2018.

You can find out more information at selenatheone.com & at facebook.com/selenatheone .

If you would like to donate to the campaign go to indiegogo.com .


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