Selena Wax Figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Claim no credit for the photos. Found them on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Selena Wax Figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hollywood

  1. It sure is beautiful! I miss her dearly and i always wonder what would of have been like to meet her in person hug her and tell her that her music was just like having her in perspn singing to us.she passed away on my birthday and that made me very sad and angry towards the devil in person Yolanda Saldivar…..i wish i could see her wax figure soon.all my respect to her family!God bless you all.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! But, HOW could it NOT be? We’re talking about SELENA here! The GREATEST ARTIST EVER is having a BANNER YEAR , receiving a whole lot of much-deserved love in the form of a whole lot of LONG-OVERDUE honors, and as a huge, long-time fan, I couldn’t be more proud of her! And, how about that Grammy win, as well as a nomination, just this year? INCREDIBLE! QUE VIVA LA REINA!!!


  3. Wow, jaw dropping, Selena was so beautiful, im glad they were able to capture that. Kudos to Chris and the Quintanilla family for continuing to represent; in always keeping the public in mind and up to date, for keeping SELENA ALIVE. It still brings a smile to my face, when I hear her music and remember how my girls would dress up and use their hair brushes as microphones, Ha,Ha. It brings back warm memories. You all must be so proud of this recognition, although it must of been hard to see her realistic image and not think , it was all a bad dream. I still do, wondering what new doors she would have opened, what new songs she would have written with A.B. All the new hits both in Spanish and in english with her crossover. Im looking forward to seeing her figure at Madame Tussades in Hollywood.

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