Remembering Selena 22 years later

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Remembering Selena Quintanilla-Pérez 22 years later. 

Even though Selena left us 22 years ago today. She still lives on through her music, videos & more. She is still remembered by her fans, friends, family & others. She is still a big inspiration to her fans and the world.

Today we celebrate  Selena’s life, music & legacy. We remember all that she did for the would & her fans. Let us remember her for her beautiful music, the love she had for her fans & family.

Selena will never be forgotten. She will be forever loved & remembered.

We Love You Selena!


One thought on “Remembering Selena 22 years later

  1. Selena is the greatest artist in history, and one of the finest people to ever walk the earth. Her combination of talent, charisma and class will never be equalled , and her humility, kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. God bless Selena, our queen, our friend, and our inspiration. LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

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